Facts About Tinder That You Should Know

A quick search on the web and you will discover that opinions about Tinder are really conflicting: there are those who say that they fuck a lot, those who say that everything is useless, who even praises the scam, who finds the love of his life. I wanted to understand how such heterogeneity of opinions and reviews was possible, so I decided to take a tour.

And to be honest, I also got enough taste. The platform, in fact, simply works. At least for what it is its purpose, that is to organize meetings from which friendships could arise, important relationships or, why not, stories of casual sex. On a previous article of mine you can find the detailed account of my experience on Tinder, meeting by meeting (or almost). In this review, however, I will limit myself to commenting on the effectiveness of the app and to draw conclusions in a more concise manner. Continue reading

Doublelist: Backpage Adult Personals Alternative

This beautiful site, with a pleasant design, offers to meet particularly hot women with ease. It has millions of members who are impatiently waiting to be put in touch with other people as eager for sex as they are. This is indeed the strong point of Doublelist: the people who subscribe to it are really in demand for very enjoyable ass shots, so it will be relatively easy for you to plan meetings to have sex. During our study, we were seduced by this site and the many meeting possibilities it offers: young women, cougars, MILFs, married women, naughty singles … Everyone can find their happiness among the hundreds of thousands of profiles each more attractive than the other. Continue reading