Facts About Tinder That You Should Know

A quick search on the web and you will discover that opinions about Tinder are really conflicting: there are those who say that they fuck a lot, those who say that everything is useless, who even praises the scam, who finds the love of his life. I wanted to understand how such heterogeneity of opinions and reviews was possible, so I decided to take a tour.

And to be honest, I also got enough taste. The platform, in fact, simply works. At least for what it is its purpose, that is to organize meetings from which friendships could arise, important relationships or, why not, stories of casual sex. On a previous article of mine you can find the detailed account of my experience on Tinder, meeting by meeting (or almost). In this review, however, I will limit myself to commenting on the effectiveness of the app and to draw conclusions in a more concise manner.

What (not) is Tinder

To explain the many negative opinions, I think it is appropriate to first explain what Tinder is NOT:

Tinder is not a site where hordes of beautiful chicks wait for nothing but photos of the penis of the first man who passes in front of them.

Tinder is not a site where girls organize a sex date, perhaps at home (of him), 2 minutes after having a match;
Tinder is not a site for living inflatable dolls.

These points, which may seem obvious to many, are actually not so obvious.
Many men take it for granted that if they had a match then there is physical attraction from the girl, and – again according to them: physical attraction = guaranteed sex.

Just for nothing.
Not that it is not possible to organize a sex appointment on Tinder after 2 minutes of chat and without ever having seen in person … but it is a rarity that will happen only if you are very attractive, if you meet the right girl, at the right time, in the right place, using the right words. In other words, 1 time out of 100 if you like it, with the other 99 that will end up with a nice signal for bad behavior.
It is also true that usually on Tinder there is a good percentage of girls (especially under 30) with a positive attitude towards sex without ties, but this does not mean that you can expect them to be all like this, or that “positive attitude “Means” after two messages ”

Having said that, it is clear that if these are your only goals, you will be very disappointed, and Tinder will seem like a colossal mockery, a waste of time.
No wonder the reviews of those who used the app with this philosophy are merciless, and the poor understanding of what Tinder is and what it is not is the # 1 reason for all negative opinions.

As written above, Tinder is a way to get to know people. Simply. Nothing more nothing less.
In fact, these people may want a lot of different things: a serious story, an open relationship, a story of a night, a friendship … some are simply confused and don’t even know what they want, others let themselves be guided by the emotions of the moment , others just want to stir up their self-esteem by getting as many likes as possible.

Every girl and every boy is on Tinder for a reason that may be different from yours, and you have to accept it.

If you want to use Tinder just for sex, and you think it’s a waste of time, anything else, my advice is not to even sign up. In my experience, out of 100 matches, about 70 translate into a conversation, 25 into an exit, 10 into a kiss, 3 into a night of sex. If you want to have a realistic idea of ​​what to expect, you can read the article “Great successes and epic fail on Tinder: the (real) screenshots of my chats” in which I speak not so much of the successes, as more than anything else of the failures.

Is it worth it?

In my opinion, yes! But not for the 3 sexes every 100, but for all the conversations, the exits and the real interactions with interesting girls even if they don’t result in anything more “concrete”!

If you have this kind of approach, Tinder is definitely an app to try, and your opinion on it will probably be very positive.

The wasted time, the “scams”, are very different: they are those implemented by other sites that I reviewed in recent days where you will have to deal only with fake profiles created ad hoc to let you subscribe to subscriptions, or with professionals in the sector offering paid sexual services. Nothing to do with Tinder.