Tinder vs Happn : review of the best dating apps available today

review dating apps Tinder vs Happn

Dating sites have been around for many years and it does not make anyone laugh in the sense that most people feel ashamed to have to register on a dating site to find love. While with Tinder or Happn, there is no shame since it is fashionable. It only takes five minutes to sign up for Tinder or Happn, while for Meetic, for example, it is highly recommended to answer a number of questions about your profile, your lifestyle, and who you are looking for.. Happn is a French start-up that competes with the – new – American giant, Tinder. But what are the differences between these two applications? Continue reading

How to flirt with your neighbor?

What to Do if You Are Sexually Attracted to Your Next Door Neighbor

You have met him once in the elevator and you do not stop thinking about him since: your beautiful, very handsome neighbor. After nights dreaming and parties between friends to define the ideal strategy to make him succumb, it’s time to take action. Three experts share their ultimate techniques (and more or less daring) to seduce his neighbor.

We know the benefits of nesting (stay at home rather than going out). We also know the interest of finding a partner for bingewatcher on Netflix and “drag” in spoon under the duvet (in the jargon of seduction, we call it cuffing). Except that to find this person, you have to go out at home (at least once, for the first date after days chatting on Tinder). Continue reading

How Russian Propaganda Targeted Black Americans on Facebook

The publication, on May 10, of all the Facebook posts sponsored by the Russian Internet Research Agency shows how much the organization has tried to deepen the racial divide during the 2016 US presidential campaign.

Fight against racism … to get Donald Trump elected. Their names are “Black Matters”, “Do not shoot” or Blacktivist. From 2015 to 2017, these groups on Facebook have tirelessly denounced the police brutality against blacks in the United States and called for resistance against racism. An anti-racism of facade. Continue reading