How to flirt with your neighbor?

What to Do if You Are Sexually Attracted to Your Next Door Neighbor

You have met him once in the elevator and you do not stop thinking about him since: your beautiful, very handsome neighbor. After nights dreaming and parties between friends to define the ideal strategy to make him succumb, it’s time to take action. Three experts share their ultimate techniques (and more or less daring) to seduce his neighbor.

We know the benefits of nesting (stay at home rather than going out). We also know the interest of finding a partner for bingewatcher on Netflix and “drag” in spoon under the duvet (in the jargon of seduction, we call it cuffing). Except that to find this person, you have to go out at home (at least once, for the first date after days chatting on Tinder).

How to solve this fundamental contradiction? How to combine comfort and drag? By putting his hook on the brat on the 2nd floor, of course!

That said, flirt with his neighbor and conclude requires a bit of finesse. If fantasizing about a neighbor is common (39% of French people are concerned, according to a survey conducted by Budget House), rare are those who conclude: 19% admit having a history of heart, and only 5% claim to have formed a couple with a neighbor.

To be part of the 19% (or 5%), follow these ultimate seduction techniques to seduce a neighbor without leaving his Charentaises (or almost).

Classic flirting techniques to seduce your neighbor

Invite him to a party at home

To seduce someone, we know the two miracle ingredients: a crowd + an evening.

Except we said we did not want to go out. Neither in a bar nor in a box. This is good: to flirt with a neighbor without taking the subway, just organize an evening … at home of course! Housewarming, football game, birthday, whatever the occasion, you hold in your hands the PERFECT excuse to attract it in your nets.

Attention, to increase your chances of success, avoid inviting:

– your ex still in love with you;
– your best friend in love with you;
– your champion champion of the seduction who will drag it faster than you and unscrupulous.

The pretext of “hello, you would not have salt, I’m running”

Another, less direct option is to pretend to miss an ingredient for a recipe. Not only does it make you feel like a Chef (ask for cumin or chives, it’s impressive), but it also makes you want to report to him, like nothing.

This is the strategy opted by Pauline, 26 years (provided to replace the chive with a bottle of alcohol).

She is at the beach with her friends when she spots a very handsome boy, very tall, very “surfer”. “Coming back from the beach, I find myself face to face with him in the elevator! I have difficulties not to smile stupidly when he stops at the same floor as me!” She says.

“We meet each other once, twice, we smile at each other, and that’s the end of it, and one evening, pushed by my friends, I decide to go ring at home to borrow a bottle for my evening, well after the hour. closing the small supermarkets of the corner. ‘In charge of revenge, obviously’ I answer him as he closes the door.

A few days later, they opened their front doors to walk from one apartment to another and make their holiday love come alive. Simple (basic) and effective.

Seducing your next door neighbor: the original methods

Seduce your neighbor via a well placed word

Amélie, 36, remembers the more direct method adopted by her neighbor when she was 25 years old. “Already, he often looked at me from the window,” she says. “And one day, he left a note on my windshield that said something like, ‘I like you, you have pretty buttocks’.”

“I know it was really weird, but I was young and he was cute, so I agreed to see him!” Says Amelie laughing.

The new lovers were called when they came back from the evening to “have a good time”. A formal ass plan that lasted two months, until their respective schedules no longer allow them these nocturnal visits.

Like what, even the strangest methods can work!

The tricky technique: stealing mail from the neighbor

Marion, 23, did not hesitate to use trickery to seduce her neighbor. “I tried the first approach by pricking his mail and going to bring him to him by knocking at home,” she says. “It had a bit of an ‘American comedy of seduction’ side that I found funny!”

“We spoke a few minutes the time to introduce himself and he added me on Facebook the same evening!” They finally went out together for two months.