Tinder vs Happn : review of the best dating apps available today

review dating apps Tinder vs Happn

Dating sites have been around for many years and it does not make anyone laugh in the sense that most people feel ashamed to have to register on a dating site to find love. While with Tinder or Happn, there is no shame since it is fashionable. It only takes five minutes to sign up for Tinder or Happn, while for Meetic, for example, it is highly recommended to answer a number of questions about your profile, your lifestyle, and who you are looking for.. Happn is a French start-up that competes with the – new – American giant, Tinder. But what are the differences between these two applications?

Tinder and Happn is not the same

how does Happn work

Happen a logo in sweet heart blue white cloud symbolizing the message. This logo refers to love online, it inspires to create new romantic relationships.
Happen a for slogan “Find to you cross”. The app works by geolocation while living in Paris in the 9th arrondissement, she could find people who lived in the same place as this one: people likely to cross regularly. There is less chance than for Tinder.

how does Tinder work

Tinder a fire logo. This logo is simple, but the detail of the flame refers to the desire that users seek (seduction, sex).
Tinder’s motto is “It starts here” which shows us that the users are unknown. Tinder is really a dating app. We can meet people known but mostly unknown in the sense that users are not forced to cross and who want to find absolutely. One can be surprised by a profile and click on it by pure chance.

Differences in use

how to use Happn

  • If there is a reciprocity, there is a “crush”. Otherwise, the profile remains in the news feed as a missed act. You can go out of a self-love-with-a-love-it-one ‘Charm’.
  • Profiles appearing as a “newsfeed”.
  • The algorithm traces the last cross profiles, by geolocation.

how to use Tinder

  • If there is a reciprocity, there is a “match” otherwise the profile is lost and we can not return to it.
  • Profiles scroll one by one.
  • The algorithm includes two criteria, interests to friends in common.

Common advantages and disadvantages


  • Free application to acquisition and use except for: men have to pay to register but it’s free for women.
  • Easy to use
  • Promotes good meetings
  • Speed ​​to have an appointment
  • Playful
  • Attractive design
  • Ability to block an unwanted profile


City target, little content for rural populations.
Simplified use that does not make it possible to invest in the person on whom we have “crushed” or a “match”. We stop at the physical and the tastes of the person. One does not interest everything to the personality, besides the impression that can give the photos and the characteristics of the profile; again quite lacking useful information.

Features specific to each application

Happn Profiles

  • The system of selection by croized path allows for fewer choices, so focus on cross-profiles.
  • On this point, Happn favors quality when reading the favorites, “flashes”.
  • Charms can be sent to capture the attention of favorite profiles.
  • Lets weave more affinities on Happn

Tinder Profiles

  • Privilege the adventures of a night
  • Tends to “compare” all profiles for hours
  • Very important user base, with which the application works with geographic matching (with geolocation).
  • Ability to be active, burst mode, to maximize the chances of having a match, and thus maximize the chances of starting a discussion, and get to know the associated people.
  • Tinder is available as web version for PC and MAC

A diversified public

According to a survey conducted by GlobalWebIndex (GWI), which involved more than 47,000 users, 30% of Tinder (TinderRencontre.com) users are married, 12% are in a relationship, 54% are single and 3% are divorced or widowed. . They are 62% men against 38% women. Users are relatively young: 38% are between 16 and 24 years old, 45% between 25 and 34 years old, 3% between 45 and 54 years old and 1% between 55 and 64 years old. As for Happn, if we do not know exactly the age of its users, we know instead their geographical location.

According to Didier Report, co-founder of Happn, in terms of use, the first city is now São Paulo followed by London and Paris in second and third place. Buenos Aires and New York follow next. In Asia, Happn has already expanded to Hong Kong, Manila and Bangkok. And from 2016, the application will be launched in Tokyo. The majority of registrants come from big cities, where you have a higher probability of meeting men and women who might like you.

These apps that allow you to regain self-confidence

The good thing is that these apps seem to be great ego reboosters. Mathilde, is a little round and she says that thanks to the smartphone boys are more interested in her “In life, I tend to be the good girlfriend. On the apps, I meet a lot more guys. “. Charlotte shares the same opinion “I did not like to please my body: I ​​have buttocks, breasts, cellulite … And there, I matured 90%! Lots of guys were interested in my physique. Tinder inspires confidence in girls like me. ”
A fashion phenomenon that guarantees ease, simplicity and availability

These applications have the advantage of being simple to use and are often free. Contrary to dating sites where you have to pay to be able to meet people. Tinder, Happn and others, are a real fashion phenomenon. Finding love becomes “easy”. Tristan, a young student, signed up for Tinder after a breakup. He says he did not have the patience to start all over again: to get to know the other, to gain his confidence, to seduce her. Tinder is easy: hundreds of pretty girls available “.


Hookups on Tinder and Happn : the real purpose of these apps?

Using Tinder for Hookups is possible? Jean-Claude Kaufmann, author and sociologist explains that before we went from feeling to sex, we learned to know each other, to become attached before bedtime. And that now is the opposite. Sex first, then affection (eventually). “Everyone is looking for the big story. But in the meantime, we accept and we assume to find something else.

So today there is a real demand for connecting people available: it is the offer that offers these apps. Hookups are as old as the world, but now it becomes commonplace, assumes, even claims. According to a study by Ifop, the proportion of users of dating sites admitting to looking for Hookups has increased significantly over the last three years, from 22% in 2012 to almost double ( 38%) in 2015. Nearly half of people admit having already had sex at the first appointment knowing in advance that they would not see this person again (47%) or without looking for review this person (46%). To avoid adventures without a future and promote stable and lasting relationships.

But then what app do you have to download to find love?

Happn is less believed than Tinder, rather specialized for “one-night shots”. On Tinder, there is a high density of users, which has the merit of guaranteeing you at least one meeting, even in the countryside. You can see several photos (related to Facebook profile) which guarantees the veracity of the person’s physique. Happn promises you to find this love at first sight at the intersection of the office and McDo. But if you want to find love with Happn, it will be necessary to leave your home: if you stay at home, you will not meet anyone. On Happn, geolocation is more accurate because it works in real time and in a perimeter of less than 250 meters against 2 to 5 kilometers for Tinder. Happn is more intimate and personalized than his rival. Happn allows users to meet people who frequent the same places, and therefore have the same tastes. What to promote the self more.